Unlike traditional anti hair loss products, NUTRIGROW is the first anti hair loss treatment to stimulate the Cellular activity of hair bulb cells and boosts keratinocyte differentiation in order to favor hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Traditional anti hair loss products that are just alike and giving no results, focus on reducing Dihydro Testosterone or DHT level only, but they ignore cell metabolism and good blood circulation required for strong, healthy, new hair growth. In fact, It is clear, on the basis of current understanding of the morphogenesis of hair and the progressive discovery of the potential causes triggering alopecia, reducing the DHT production is one of the factors to combat alopecia but obviously not enough.

Nutrigrow not only reduces the level of DHT with its unique and patented formula, but also controls other two principal factors that are vital for preventing hair loss and enabling the growth of dense and strong hair.

In order to re-start hair growth and prevent hair loss, Nutrigrow acts simultaneously on the three principal factors controlling the hair cycle.

“We know that in order to restart innterrupted hair cycle and combat alopecia, it is necessary to activate the anagen phase.

In order to succed this, it is important to act similtaneously on the three principal factors controlling the hair cycle.”


TARGET 1: "Increasing the Production of Cells Responsible for the Production of Hair"

Active Ingredient: The patented anti hair loss moleculer association Biotinyl-Tripeptide, a vitamin-bearing peptide.

Directly influences and increases the production of cells responsible for the production of hair and it results in dense and strong, new hair growth.

In normal hair, cellular activity (Mitotic activity) is very intense. Hair bulb cells divide continuously to favor the formation and growth of strong and dense hair.

However, the cellular activity is very low and insufficient among people who suffer from hair loss. This leads hair follicles to produce finer, smaller and colorless hair that finally results in baldness.

By activating numerous genes involved in hair growth, such as Laminin 5, Collagen IV, Cytokeratins 10 and Acetyl CoA, the anti-hair loss moleculer association BIOTINYL Tripeptide;

Stimulates cell proliferation in the hair bulb to increase amount of new hair.
Increases quality and duration of the anagen phase to prevent hair loss.
Enhances hair anchoring to prevent hair loss.
Increases hair growth speed up to 121%.
Provides a protecting and repairing effect to the hair follicle,
Activates numerous genes involved in hair growth such as Laminin V, Collagen IV, Cytoceratins 10 up to 146 %.


TARGET 2: "To Increase Vascular Density around Hair Follicle for Healty Hair Development"

Active Ingredients: Apigenin,Copper Ferment, Iron Ferment, Magnesium Ferment.

Healthy hair growth depends on a good blood supply to the papilla. Nutrigrow improves micro circulation and increases vascular density around the hair follicle in order to facilitate the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the hair bulb for strong hair development.


TARGET 3: "Inhibiting the Production of DHT”

Active Ingredients: Oleanolic Acid, Hexapeptide -11, Zinc Ferment.

5-alpha reductase enzyme which is present in the hair follicle and scalp converts testosterone to DiHydro Testosterone or DHT. DHT descreases period of anagen phase, (active growth phase of hair), shrinks hair follices and increases hair loss.

The patented complex formula of NUTRIGROW (Combination of Oleanolic Acid , Hexpeptide -11 and Zinc) is the most powerfull inhibitor of 5-Alpha Reductase. Nutrigrow inhibits the activity of the 5-alpha reductase enzymes Type I and Type II, and lowers the concentration of DHT in the hair follicle to prevent hair loss.